Knocked out a tooth/teeth? Don’t fret. They can still be saved. You’ll just have to take a few simple yet cautious steps, yourself, first. And you can let a professional carry on from then.You have to act fast, for you have to get to the dentist Wendouree immediately, as it’s an urgent matter. There’ll be a higher chance the knocked-out tooth will be able to settle back in the socket if re-implanted immediately. And it must, in fact, be re-implanted within the hour of having been knocked out.

However, if it may have been an inopportune predicament in an untimely hour with no professional available for dental care, you seek help from an emergency dentist.In this article, we will be citing the crucial steps you need to do before being able to get treatment. But it is important to note that only permanent teeth are to be re-implanted. It is not advisable to re-implant baby teeth, as doing so may cause damage to the more permanent teeth developing beneath them.Also, here, you can get an idea of the procedures to be undertaken in such dental issue. Check this link to find out more details.

What to Do When Your Tooth Got Knocked Out

You have to keep in mind to handle the knocked-out tooth carefully. Below is a step by step procedure on how to recover a knocked-out tooth:First thing’s first, find the damaged tooth.Keep away from touching the root—the area of the teeth located within the gum—as this area can be easily damaged.If dirty, hold the tooth by the crown—the upper area of it—and clean it by using milk to rinse offthe dirt from it. If there’s no milk available, just water will be fine. And you must not wipe it with any fabric at all, as this could also cause damage.For the last step, there are two options, which can be done accordingly.The first option would be directly re-implanting the knocked-out tooth, yourself, first. Making sure that it faces the right way, carefully slip the tooth back into the socket. Biting on a handkerchief will help to hold it in place. If you can’t secure it back into position, you don’t really need to force it in. If that is the case, then you can go with the other option below. The second option would be keeping the tooth moist until reaching the dental clinic for treatment. You can place the tooth into a glass of milk.If there’s no milk around, the tooth can be placed in the area between the gums and cheek. However, if in the case of a little kid, it may not be safe to do so, as there may be the possibility of the tooth being swallowed. What you can do instead is to let the child spit in a cup and place there, in the cup of saliva, the knocked-out tooth.If the two earlier mentioned can’t be provided, water will also do, as long as the tooth is kept moist.

Dental Procedures

At the clinic, the tooth you have re-implanted will be examined to see whether it has been positioned correctly. It will be taken a look at and be taken an x-ray of.The procedures to be undertaken for your tooth will depend on the severity of the case and the time elapsed since the tooth had been knocked out.In a not so severe case, like if the tooth is not broken; there is no debris left in the socket; and the bone is not fractured, the tooth will simply have to be splinted. Splinting involves attaching the tooth with a soft wire and/or composite material at its side. This is a temporary reinforcement for keeping the tooth in place for the time being that it is reattaching and repairing. But in the case that the tooth did get broken, the socket will be checked for debris. If there are any present, they will have to be flushed out with water. A root canal may also have to be performed. And in the case of a fractured bone, it will take longer for the firm attachment of the tooth on the bone for a full recovery. The more severe the damage, recovery will take longer. Repair can take from six to eight months.In three to six months’ time, the tooth will have to be examined at the clinic again. Thereafter, the next visit will depend on whether if there is an infection or not. If there is none, it can be done on your yearly scheduled checkup.After two to three years, a follow up will be done to ensure that the tooth re-implantation has been done successfully.By promptly following a few simple steps with extra caution and getting yourself treated as soon as possible, a knocked-out tooth can be successfully recovered.