Shockwave therapy or ESWT is a medical treatment which is non-invasive. With the intension of promoting healing by reducing pain, it sends acoustic waves to the injured body part. It is the same shockwave that is used to break kidney stones. But the intensity is only one tenth to make it safe for human body. Different kind of injuries can be treated with this therapy. In this article, we are going to present some very common uses of shockwave therapy.

Decrease pain:

Extracorporeal shock wave therapy Melbourne promotes hyperaemia which is actually increased blood flow in the injured part of the body. This is the very basis of this therapy. Increased blood flow loosens up the muscles and provides extra energy and this smoothen the path of interaction between the myosin and actin. With this, the muscle tension is reduced and the patient feels less pain.

Plantar fasciitis:

Nerves in our body send the pain signals to the brain. The shock wave therapy for plantar fasciitis Melbourne over stimulates these nerves providing instant pain reduction. ESWT increases the production of blood vessels of the affected parts. This triggers the healing mechanism and speeds up the process of recovery.

Dispersion of substance P:

Substance P, a neuropeptide in human body, functions as a modulator and transmitter for nerve communication. It modulates inflammation and ESWT disperses substance P efficiently while increasing the secretion of histamine. Dispersion of it reduces pain in the injured area. It even helps in reducing the chance of fluid retention or edema.

Increase collagen production:

There are connective tissues throughout the body. The main protein in these tissues is collagen. Along with elastin it works to provide flexibility and structure to the skin. Collagen plays a great part in repair mechanism when it is related to damage ligament structure. ESWT help to increase collagen production even in the deeper layer of tissues and it cannot be achieved by taking supplements.

Increases metabolism:

Shockwave therapy increases the oxygen level in human body by removing nociceptive metabolites. This procedure increases the amount of energy. Reducing the amount of acidic histamine ESWT increases the metabolic rate of the body.

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