We hear people say, or we ourselves sometimes declare that “this work is gonna kill me”. It’s a worthwhile task to find out if in truth, work stress is deadly.

Physical and psychological aspects

Stress can manifest in many ways. Physical aspects could be shown in fatigue of the body, reduced activities etc. Not only the whole body, but also certain organs can be affected. Heart is one such organ which can lead to deadly results. Hormone producing can also be affected due to stress: doctors prescribe an adrenal fatigue treatment diet to make things right for that. Some people “stress eat”. This’s dangerous as too much of sugar, fat and carbohydrates can lead to devastating ends.

General view

People also misunderstand “stress” and assume big losses such as a death of a loved one, divorce or some similar events can cause stress. But it’s not; it’s the way you face the insignificant, day-to-day stress. A study has showed that people who are under chronic stress are the quickest to die. You would never have guessed some of the tasks that drive you to be so stressful. Some are impatient when stranded in traffic; bumper-to-bumper traffic makes them too stressful. They worry about getting late to go where they are due. Whilst some others may consider this a silent and alone time they so deserve. They will sit back, relax and take this time to ponder on something or perhaps listen to music. So it is clear that all this depends on how you react situation to a given situation. But do not for a moment imagine that so strong an incident is needed for one to be “stressed”.

How stress leads to ageing

Individual organsdon’t age the same way. However, stress is something that can affect negatively to any and all of them. For example, a chemical which is developed by stress is glucocorticoids. If it is accumulated in an enduring long-term strain it can be so toxic to the body. This Glucocorticoid poisoning has been related tobrain ageing as well. This sort of ageing can even have negative effects on sensory and cognitive abilities and create difficulties with decision making, multi-asking, memory, thinking abilities and response times. A study has even found out that exposure to stress from society has the tendency to cause changes in the gut microbiome too.So it is clear that nothing can be written off as not affected by stress. It is evident that a certain level of stress is unavoidable for everybody. However, it does not have to lead to stress-related diseases!